Construction Party!!!

Mixed by Bozak CMA 10 2DLO

Recording to SONY TCD-D7 (DAT) or TEAC A2300S (Reel to Reel)

Other Equipments:

GSA-X3000 (3WAY Crossover)

RG Dynamic Processor PRO 20 (Dynamic Range Expander)
DBX 3BX (3BAND Dynamic Range Expander)
ACOUSTILOG IE-102 (Image Enhancer)
DBX 500 Professional "Disco" Boom Box (Sub Harmonic Synthesize)

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Life Is Drama
Shelter Me
Kinda 80's

Can't Stop Part1
Can't Stop Part2
New Day
We Got Our Own Thing
For You
Share Your Love
Spring to Summer
Real Love after KAOS
Histories Of Peace
A Tribute to Timeless Music Party @ Oppa-la
Phase 2
The Way They Pray
Master Mix vol.2
Prince of 99 vol.2

Master Mix vol.1
20181201 Garage

Mixed with Headphone only, no monitor speakers(MP3)
Mixed with Headphone only, no monitor speakers(WAV)
Bozak CMA 10 2DLO Tape Out Recording Test(MP3)
Bozak CMA 10 2DLO Tape Out Recording Test(WAV)
Love's not Simple
HB Phono Card Recording Test(MP3)
HB Phono Card Recording Test(WAV)

A Thousand Pictures

NY to NJ
Radio Mix
Another Time, Another Place II
Another Time, Another Place I

Tape Deck Recording Test 04
Tape Deck Recording Test 03
Tape Deck Recording Test 02
Tape Deck Recording Test 01

I Thank You
Prince Of 99
Feel the Heal
Disco Summer (WAV format.Large File)
Short Disco Mix
Stories to Tell
Tribute to Larry Levan
T Time Mix
Let's have some drink and start. It's Saturday Night!
Here We Go Again. Part 2
Color Variation
Voice On the Trax Mix


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